Friday, July 3, 2009

That is one tall dwarf ... err ... midget!?

*FYI: Melody (at 2 months) was in the 95% for height and 25% for weight = tall and slender*

So, a couple of weeks we "crashed" my dad's work party at Surf-N-Swim. They had super food (STEAK even!) and then free swimming w/ the tubes. It was raining pretty bad - but per Surf-N-Swim's rules, 30 minutes after the last lightening strike, we could swim! Yeah (sounds officially safe, right??)! And a whole ton of people had gone home due to the rain, so the pool was pretty open (there were about 500 at the barbeque and 100 or less swimming or watching kids). ...I.E. my estimates may be way off... I'm not a great guesser - so if my family would clarify, feel free. lol!

Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked. I do that. Often.

So, wherever I walk, I get complements on Melody's beauty. Yes, it is more fun to brag on the last baby - these are the last "baby complements" I'm going to get for heaven's sake! LOL! I was sitting in my swim suit on a bench holding Melody facing out. For reference, she was wearing pink pjs and no bow.

This lady comes up to me, and says, "Wow, what a beautiful little girl! Look at that face, just so pretty." Then, a very slight pause, "So, is she, what do you call it, a dwarf ... err ... midget?"

Ok. So my mind is thinking... "WHAT THE HECK? This lady is a hoot! Is she serious?" But, I keep my composure, and politely state: "Well, she is almost 3 months old." I'm hoping this clarifies that she is a baby -and supposed to be small.

Still convinced (I think), that I have a midget child says, "Well, she is just so small! Just little!"

Me, not getting this nutty lady says, "Yes, she's petite."

"Well, you should enter her in a contest. Yeah, like the Gerber baby contest! She would win for sure. So pretty. Wow, just look at her!"

Yes, this lady is the type to not just say, "What a cute baby." and then walk away. LOL!

Luckily, she did finally leave after a bit more cooing and telling me how much Melody smiled etc.


Later, I got the car seat and put Melody in it. I was walking by w/ her in the car seat and that lady was next to another lady. While I walked by she said, "Isn't that a gorgeous baby!? She is just so so SMALL! (emphasizing on the word small)"

I giggled in my heart, and walked to my dad. Told him about the experience, and he laughed. Apparently, it wasn't surprising she'd say what she said. I still giggle off and on about it.

Here is my cute, adorable, dwarf ... err .... midget baby!