Monday, December 1, 2008


So, we have a dainty little baby preparing to join our family in just less than 20 weeks now (see "ticker" above - there are 40 weeks total). Of course, they are already a part of our family, but they won't get the "real experience" until they are born and out of my oven of a tummy (P.S. I am showing now).

The announcement is that this dainty baby is a GIRL! We are so excited, and finally am starting on names. She was pretty darn modest the first ultrasound we tried to see if she was a s/he. Even this time around, her legs are pulled up pretty cutesy.

I told Brian, and the first thing he said is, "See, I was right." Yes, him and the kids have been convinced it was a girl from the start (with no push from dad mind you). I knew we'd have a girl, but wasn't "sure" it would be this time, but it was! So, I guess this is my "sign" of sorts that our family is complete. I knew we needed a girl to complete the family, and the Dr is getting hesitant with any more C/Sections after this one (which will be my 4th - not by prepared choice though!).

She is active, but less active than Brooke was in the womb. We will see how her personality fares to her less activity (my 2 oldest are extremely active kids). Wouldn't it be fun if she came out red headed like Bridger? Awh. Well, I know she'll be cute and adored however her genetic makeup determines. I am just excited.

I would also say this has been my most difficult pregnancy. I was the most sick I've been, but the meds helped take some of the edge off. I was tired, but that is pretty normal - just moreso because of the 3 kids and their 2 different schools and schedules. There's a few other medical things that have been a bit tougher this time around, but I am so happy to be having the last of our kids. Well, not happy to say I'll never have any more kids, but happy to know the decision is made (if that makes sense). It's been a bit of an emotional road for me though, but Heavenly Father has given me strength every time I ask for it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your little girl. How very exciting!

Anonymous said...

congrats! may the rest of the PG be smooth for you. It is such a relief knowing your family is complete.

Amanda said...

Congrats! So exciting to have a baby girl. I am sure she will be adorable, and I know she will be loved. Lucky little girl to be born into such a family.

Jeremy and Jennifer said...

Congratulations! My first thought when I started reading this post was, "I'll bet she'll have red hair like Bridger!" How exciting. There's a lot of really beautiful Celtic names out there for girls! :)

I understand the pregnancy complications stuff- I had a really big one. I hope everything will be great for you...April isn't that far away! :)

Anonymous said...

Marian, I needed to clarify, I mean, relief when a couple knows they are done, not that Oh good youguys are finished, kinda comment.

sorry if that came across that way.

tag btw too

maidmarian4 said...

LOL Stacey- I totally didn't take it in that way at all. You are fine - I do know you at least that well enough to know you wouldn't say it "that" way. ;-)