Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stacey Tagged Me! :)

So, I've been officially tagged (back in mid-Nov.)! :) Here's my answers:

Both hands in writing something

So, I wrote this up in mid November ... and took a pic of my writing then, but I'm too lazy to upload it now. ROFL. Just visualize writing decent/nice with my right hand, and not as well with my left hand. Ok - now you've "seen" the pic. ROFL!

5 of my 50/50's..

  1. What is my favorite color? It is either TEAL or PURPLE. I love them both, and I switch back & forth as to which is my favorite.
  2. Facebook vs Blogging.
  3. Girls or Boys (in terms of preference of sex of child). ... Although right now I am looking forward to change as I've had a girl then 2 boys in a row. LOL
  4. Dove dark chocolate or any chocolate thing Mrs. Cavanaugh's has (there is a local shop with a Cavanaugh family member that runs it). ...Mostly this has to do with money though. I'd get a bag of mixed chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaugh's if it cost the same as a bag of delectible dark Dove chocolate.... Ok - maybe this one didn't count - but I can't delete it now that chocolate is involved!!!
  5. Amazon.com shopping or in the store shopping.
  6. *Bonus* (if the chocolate one didn't count - or made you mad cause you don't have any chocolate around!) - The aroma of Wassail or the aroma of Apples & Cinnamon.

5 pet peeves

  1. Anyone talking on cell phones in a line at a store.

  2. Anyone texting more than once while you are doing something with them.

  3. Anyone using the passing lane as a lane to "hang out" in indefinitely (until they have to get off an exit).

  4. Anyone that is a very obvious bad listener.

  5. Anyone that stares at a parent that is honestly trying their best to be a parent at the time.

5 things that don't mix well (mine are mostly food-oriented lol)

  1. Rice and soy sauce or rice with "stuff" in it (i.e. "Fried Rice").

  2. Pancakes and loads of syrup.

  3. Hot foods and cooked nuts.

  4. Cats & Mice (Cats & Rats - more likely ok together lol)

  5. Lucky Charms - the mix of weird tasting cereal with really dried up marshmallows doesn't mix well - especially when you add milk!

***If you've read this, you've been "tagged"! Post on the same topics - with your own answers. If you have time, show us your handwriting with each hand. :)


stACEy said...

I get u on all of those pet peeves sista!

maidmarian4 said...

Ha! So I take it you are one of us wise ones?? LOL J/K! I'm sure I do someone's pet peeve on a daily basis. ROFL