Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The All-Night Baby Party

So, yesterday Spencer informed me that Bridger keeps him up at night.

I said, "Oh, so did he have a baby party?"

"Yeah mom, a baby party. It was crazy!"

Humored by his endeavour to go along with my silly statement, I questioned more, "What happened?!"

"Well mom, Jimmie came over (Jimmie is my brother's boy that is 3 mths younger than Bridger). Jimmie was really crazy. He was yelling and getting into everything!"

"So, what was Bridger doing?"

Spencer quickly replied, "He didn't get into as much stuff as Jimmie, but he was playing with Jimmie. Oh, and the other baby cousin (this would be Miley - an approx. 8 mth old baby) came too!"

"So, how did Miley get there? She can't walk yet."

"Oh, Santa gave her magic so she could walk!"

"Why didn't Santa tell them to stop having a baby party? Didn't he think they needed to go to bed?"

Spencer paused, "Oh. Well, uh, umm... ... ... Santa did it far away. He didn't see them."

"Wow. That is cool that Santa can do that, Spencer!"


"They were flying too!"

"Flying! Wow! How did they do that??? Did they have airplanes?"

"Mom, like Peter Pan!" (he was serious - I mean why didn't I catch onto that!? lol)

"Like Peter Pan!? Really?! Did they get fairy dust?"

"No mom, Santa gave them some magic from his magic bag!"

"So, do you think that Bridger will have another baby party?"

Then he stated with much sincerity, "I hope not. I want to sleep."

"I can understand that, Spencer." :)


Anonymous said...


about that ? on my blog, I am sitting down with them one on one each week to show what I have blogged. Agirl just did that with me but she just smiled and woulnd't let me hug her.. darn 12 yr old LOL

Melissa said...

How cute. Kids say the cutest things sometimes!

Jeremy and Jennifer said...

Bad news, Spencer. There are many more
"All-Night Baby Parties" coming your way! :)