Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random High School Q & A

I've been "tagged" (on Facebook and Blogger) to fill out a few different questionairres, and will finally start with this one. I'll try to do the other ones as I get some time. :-P I write NOVELS! EEK!

1. Did you date someone from your school? Not really "date/go out". I do remember my Sophmore or Jr. year I held hands with Aaron Lanoy. I'm not sure if either of us ever decided we were "going out" or not. We were pretty shy about it, and didn't hold hands for every single thing. It was pretty funny. I bought an Eagles CD because he liked them - I didn't even know what they sang, really (other than "Desperado"). LOL! Awh, being a teenager. :-P

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? Nope. Although I met him at a school - WSU - actually an LDS Institute activities group. He's from "Loos-ee-ana". :-P

3. Did you car pool to school? Yes. But not all the time. I gave rides to Marie Lawhead and Nancy Perkins. I think sometimes Keely Hemming and some others - can't remember..? I also got picked up by Marie I think - and some others maybe? I can't remember that either! LOL

4. What kind of car did you have? My parents lent me their blue Buick Park Avenue. Talk about a "smaller" grandma car! :-P But hey, it worked and was nice of my parents to lend out to us kids.

5. What kind of car do you have now? 2000 Ford Windstar LX. Yeah, a minivan. I swore I would never buy one - but it's what works for us. What can ya do? :-P We also have a non-working Geo Metro LSi. Yeah, it sits there collecting dust - and it could be a money saver! But, Brian walks to work, so that is saving us money in itself. :)

6. It's Friday night. Where are you? I don't remember choosing to make my own plans very often. It was more likely that if I got a call to do something, I'd go and do that.

7. What kind of job did you have in high school? I remember my mom and dad didn't want me to work at first. I think in retrospect they just didn't want to lose their lender car that often (I wouldn't either! lol). But, I got a job selling trinkets/decorations from a keyosk (sp?) in the Layton Mall during the winter Holidays. I can't place when I worked at Dairy Queen - but I did that for awhile too. A unique job I remember having was selling fireworks for Nancy Perkins brother's stand in front of DQ in Kaysville. That may have been the summer after Jr. or Sr. year.

8. What kind of job do you do now? Housekeeper, cook, nurse, CEO, counselor, educator, tutor, entertainer, van driver, laundress, and accountant= AKA SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) to "almost" 4 (the 4th is due in April '09) adorable children.

I also have a part-time job (approx 4-6 hours/week) putting books and magazines in stores such as Home Depot, Office Max, Babies R Us, Best Buy and Joanns. But, I get to do that when Brian is home to play with the kids.

9. Were you a party animal? I am one to "blend in". So, while I loved to be apart of parties, I usually would start getting a little "crazy/silly" if people that knew me well enough were acting silly themselves.

I LOVED F.O.M.A. club parties though! F.O.M.A. = Future Old Maids of America! It rocked. It made not being asked to a dance no big deal because we had our fun party instead. What was that murder mystery game we played a lot? I loved that game. :)

10. Did you get suspended or expelled? No way. But, I did have some funny things happen that had to do w/ getting into trouble.

Once near the end of Sr. year, I was chatting with I think Cindy Hansen in Mr. Harris' Physics class. We didn't usually talk when we shouldn't, but it was the end of the year and we were ready to go! Anyway, I can still see Mr. Harris' face. He acted so surprised and told us something about if we talked again he'd give us "F"s or something like that. Anyway, anyone that knows Mr. Harris knows that he would NEVER do that. In fact, our class had all the "jocks" that would take the papers in the in box and copy them so they wouldn't have to do homework. LOL

Also, in drivers ed, we were watching the slide show of all the wrecked cars. It was pretty boring. Anyway, I leaned up and it must have looked like I was talking to Becca (something? - she was a year younger), and he sent us out of the class. It was nice because we really didn't get into trouble, and we could talk and not have to stare at all the same stuff in a slide show. The teacher had forgotten about us anyway when we walked in after class to get our bags.

I think many people got bad marks (was it an N or U?) for being late to Mr. Wright's choir class. I had to organize the chairs and then I got to watch Dinner Theater practice until my time was up! It was fun. :)

11. Can you sing the fight song? Yep. Although I don't think I'd get it straight now. Pep Club was lotsa fun and really boring at the same time. I am so NOT a football fan - but it was entertaining for us to get up and help the crowd cheer with us. Basketball was a bit more fun because I understood the rules lots more.

12. Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? I really liked Mrs. Robbins, my English teacher. We had a lot of writing fun w/ Ms. Spencer, but she was a bit over the top for me. She loved "her" state, Texas! Mr. Harris was a hoot. It was really funny and just a little bit creepy when he'd tell my parents each time at Parent/Teacher conference that I reminded him of an old girlfriend he used to have.
My favorite Seminary teacher was Brother Williams. He is/was so neat. :) Made a great impression on me.

13. Where did you sit during lunch? Mostly out in the commons area - near the side that they had Dinner Theater. I remember getting a bean burrito and cookies and cream cup of ice cream. What the heck was the brand - can't remember. Anyway, weird concoction nonetheless. And I was always racing to get all the icecream down. Talk about unhealthy choices! LOL

14. Favorite music group? I liked Celine Dione and most anything they played on B98.7 FM.

15. Where was your favorite hang-out spot? Wherever the F.O.M.A. party was at (usually Nancy's house). :)

16. What was your school's full name?
Northridge High School

17. When did you graduate? 1998!

18. What was your school mascot? A Knight. I remember in 6th grade we got to give the school district ideas on what the mascot would be. I put Ranger. LOL! I like Knight lots better.

19. If you could go back and do it again, would you? For the most part, it was pretty fun and memorable. The only thing I'd do is get out of my shell a bit more. I had people asking me if I was mad at them - I realized that me being quiet and shy came off as snobby at times. I would have tried to fix that. :)

20. Did you have fun at Prom? I have no idea if I went or not. I'm not sure where all the pics are either. But, I did go to a few formal dances. I'm sure I had fun. I don't remember having a bad date. Except there was one guy I went with (NO, not on my friends list!) that took me to another school's Prom w/o letting me know ahead of time and he turned out to be a creep. So, I didn't have fun w/ that Prom - and stayed away from that guy for the rest of the year.

21. Were you involved in any school clubs/sports? Choir, Art Club, Environmental Club, Pep Club, Key Club... maybe some more? Oh, and some musicals.

22. Are you going to your high school reunion? I didn't know about the 5 year one. And I wish the 10 year one went through, but I guess things didn't work out. I'm all for an 11 year one. lol :-P

23. One of your favorite high school experiences: I'm so glad I ran for office. I don't know how I even decided to do it, but I'm glad my friends were so supportive and made it happen. I'm also glad I didn't win. I secretly didn't want to really - but just wanted to have fun running.

I also loved Seminary, Choir, the Musicals, and the clubs I was in. I had a lot of fun and am glad I was a part of what I was a part of.

Oh yeah - again, F.O.M.A. rocks! :)


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