Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ya ever feel like hiding? Of course I think we all do.

Anyway, I'm hiding from my kids. Here I sit listening to my favorite LDS singer, Hilary Weeks sing some inspiring music - hoping it will give me some solace.

The kids are still eating their corn dogs in the kitchen, and I can hear screaming. I'm not up to taking care of the discord. So, here I hide.

Kinda long morning. Brian had school from 9am-12pm - just got home at 12:40-ish, and had to leave to work 15 minutes later. He's working from 1pm-10pm. So, I'm here by myself on a great warm Saturday by myself with my four sweet kiddos. I would have taken the car today (we just have one car - have been this way for years) - but Melody is still under 2 weeks old - so waaaay too young to take out in public.

Well, Brooke came up just now and cuddled up to my arm for awhile. Luckily no "report" on the discord! She's asked if she can snuggle with her little sis, Melody who is comfortable laying on my Boppy on the bed. So sweet. I love seeing two sisters together (and brothers too!).

Now Bridger has come up behind the computer chair to scratch my back. He loves doing this - even if I wouldn't pay him much if he were a masseuse.

Where's my Spencer? After calling for him, he comes and tells me that the movie started over again- so he's watching it. :-) I remember my brother Kyle could watch a movie over and over. Shaun and I would beg he watch a different show, but he usually wanted to stick to the repeat. :-P LOL!

I love my family. Why hide when they have so much to add to my life?

Reminds me of this song - by Hilary Weeks:

If I Only Had Today Lyrics


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Melissa said...

Some days you just need to hide for a few minutes! I hope you are recovering well and don't push it too much! Your kids are adorable!