Sunday, April 19, 2009

Park Happiness Barometer

So, I braved it yesterday and took the kiddos for a walk in our neighborhood. We decided to make a pitstop at a small park behind our house. Spencer braved the first rings (he wanted me to help, but due to my C/Section, it's a major no-no for me. He was a great sport to just make due). Happy Boys: Spencer also liked to push Bridger in the swing for a little while, while Brooke dug in the dirt (in the background). Also, right behind the bench by her is sweet Melody in her carseat attached to the Sit N Stand stroller.
Here's happy Brooke digging:Bridger liked being king tiger of the playground equipment! What a smile!
This was not Melody's idea of happiness. But hey, she didn't even get to swing! So, I don't blame her one bit! ;-)


Melissa said...

Looks like a great day. THe weather is soo nice and a park day sounds just about right.

Hilary said...

Your kids are so cute!