Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day = I love Brian, my husband my forever friend

So, yesterday (Friday May 8th, 2009), Brian offered to take the 3 eldest to our Ward's "Father and Sons" at the Stake camp. Yes, Brooke isn't a "son" but she came too! My amazing husband took all those kids with him to an overnight campout (well, inside a cabin in the forest! lol)!

It was just me and my Melody all night last night, and this morning. I didn't know what to do with myself, so I walked over to a good friend's house (Rosann) and hung out with her for a couple of hours. Had a lot of fun talking to a "grown up" and also asking for some pointers on what is normal for a mom w/ 4 kiddos (my friend has five grown kids of her own + adorable grandkids). She said that she'd forgotten to tell me that with your fourth, your memory goes! 'Tis true. I called Brooke: "Bridger, Spencer, oh whateveryournameis, child come here!" when she wasn't coming back while riding her bike.

Anyway, what a wonderful Mother's Day gift - to be by myself. I did what I wanted. Didn't feel like I needed to go home to help with the kids or anything. I ate some yummy Farr's chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Then, I watched the end of Lost (had begun it while the kids were awake and paused it due to their needs. ;-)). I also found a new show to watch called "What Would You Do?" ... and then fell asleep at about 1am. Sounds like a crazy night, eh? LOL!

When Brian called to say he was coming back this morning, he said I needed to hide in our bedroom so the kids and him could give me my gifts for Mother's Day (he's working tomorrow/Mother's Day). They got back, and Brian held my hand while I walked down the hallway to see what he'd gotten me.

It was time to open my eyes, and look what I saw!!!

Isn't he the most sweetest hubby?

I wanted the plant and the balloon was great - along w/ Dove Dark Chocolate Promises & Rolos. I was very happy with that - but the bike. Not 3 days ago did I say to him that I'd wish to "someday" have a bike so him and I (and perhaps the kids - if we got a bike trailer) could go biking together.

So, I'm thinking (not saying), "How in the world did he get any money for this bike!? It's sweet he bought it, but we can't afford it!"

I think he must have read my face (even though I was trying to politely hide it) -

"Just so you know," he said, "I won it!"

What a cool thing to win. A Schwinn Woman's bike! Thanks to plasma giving as a new form of income! The bike was a 3rd place prize. Happy day. Lucky woman to have such a lucky man! :)

Thanks honey!


Melissa said...

Whoo Hooo for a bike!!! I wish I had one too, but can't seem to find any money for fun things these days. I am so happy you go to enjoy yourself for a day or so... it is amazing how replenishing that can be, huh?

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

good for him and congrats to you

Jeremy and Jennifer said...

That IS a good husband. We should go bike riding sometime...just no hills, okay? I'm a little shaky on stamina.