Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tip Junkie

I just discovered these new sites: Tip Junkie and Tip Junkie's ShopAThon. Just thought I'd add the URLs and let you all know that there are prizes being given away, so enter the contest! :)


Anonymous said...

tag, ur it!

Brett, Dany and family said...

Hey Marian,
We decided to take our blog private so if you still want to be able to visit it, email me your email address to

Jeremy and Jennifer said...

Good one Marian.
I have been addicted to Tip Junkie for a while now! I like "My Favorite Pal", from the Mom's Shop-A-Thon. I ordered gifts from it for my two boys for Christmas...

Tip junkie readers also get free shipping with the "TipJunkie" code. Very cool. :)